Full Custom Design

*All graphics can be adapted to any bike model

A full kit includes the graphics for:

  • Side and front number plates
  • Tank shrouds
  • Front fender
  • Back fender
  • Air box
  • Fork plastics
  • Swingarm

How do I customize?

Use the below form to give us all the details about how you would like your graphics to look like. You’ll receive a proof image with the design and only after your final approval we will print the graphics.

Top quality materials

We only use top quality materials that are especially made for such application type. They are strong and UV resistant, have a wet(or matte) look and a strong adhesive, they are 600 microns thick and easily can be applied without wrinkles or air bubbles.

How long does it take?

We make a promise that we will send you a proof of the graphic design in a maximum of 5 working days. Once you’ll be satisfied with your graphic design and you will confirm it, it will take us a maximum of 3 working days to be ready to ship it.


  • Once the order is placed, it can be cancelled only if we haven't started working on the design.
  • You can send us a picture as reference, but we will only take inspiration from it and not copy it.
Producer: *

Cubic capacity: *

Are all plastics for this model standard? *

Number font:


Add here your logos, a picture or anything that can help us understand how your graphic design should look like (accepted files only in vector format .ai, .cdr, .eps, .pdf - multiple files accepted)

Holo base with sparkle lamination
Holo base with glossy lamination
Holo base with matte lamination
Chrome base with glossy lamination
Print base: *

Lamination: *

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Total:148 EUR

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