Installation Guide

You will need

Plastic Preparation

  • New Plastics

Although they are new, they still need to be cleaned and prepared for graphics application. The plastic surface needs to be clean, without any dust, grease or other residues.

  • Old Plastics

Although we do not recommend it, you can apply graphics on used plastics as well.

If there are still some graphics applied on them, these need to be removed (we do not recommend applying new graphics over the old ones). In order to remove them, warm them up with a heat gun and pull them until fully detached.

Once removed, the surface needs to be cleaned with the degreasing agent.

If the plastics do not have any graphics applied, these need to be cleaned so that they wouldn't have any sharp edges on the surface. You can cut these edges using a cutter, smooth the surface and then clean it with a degreasing agent.


  1. 1. Keep your hands off the plastic’s surface as much as possible in order to avoid the hands grease to be transferred on the plastic surface.
  2. 2. The room temperature where you apply the graphics needs to be at least 15 degrees Celsius. Make sure the plastics are warm as well, at least at the room's temperature. If not, warm them up with the heat gun.

Graphics Application

  • Before removing the liner, fit the graphics in the position over the plastic so that you can get some reference points.
  • Step 2 - Remove the liner for half of the surface and cut a 1cm thick strip and then apply the liner back on the graphic. You should have in the middle a ~1cm strip line where there is no liner.
  • Step 3 - Fit the graphic on the plastic and apply it by pressing that uncovered striped line.
  • Step 4 - Lift one half at a time and remove the liner slowly by pressing in the same time the graphics with your finger. When you get close to the edges, if wrinkles appear , use the heat gun to remove them
  • Step 5 - After you apply the graphics, warm up with the heat gun the entire surface in order to activate the adhesive.


  1. 1. When you apply the graphics on a metal surface, make sure it is not cold as otherwise the graphics won’t stick. Make sure you warm up the metal surface.
  2. 2. Make sure you won’t overheat the graphics.
  3. 3. After applying the graphics, let it rest at room temperature for at least 24 hours and don’t use the bike

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